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Hunted by Angels were first formed back in 2010 by Jem Holter (former guitarist for Shadow of Doubt and The Physic Garden) and Graeme Dyson (former bass player for The Innocence and Razorbreed), Hunted by Angels fused the sound of driving bass and drums with intricate, atmospheric guitar parts over layers of cinematic synths and samples, creating epic, dark soundscapes. 

In 2019, after a break of a few years the band started writing again in the studio, re-working and updating their original songs whilst searching for the right vocalist that could complete the music and make the songs their own.​

2020 changed the band's plans, like it did for so many people across the world.

The band is now busy in the studio getting material ready with our new singer and will be releasing new material and information on live dates soon. 


 Hunted by Angels are:

Jem Holter

Graeme Dyson


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Coming Soon

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